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      發布時間:2012-10-10 14:56:33


      作為設備預知保養及檢測儀器領域的引導者,祺邁KMPdm歡迎具有自我激勵精神,有夢想、有激情的你加入我們.如果你是一個主動迎接挑戰,思維靈活, 渴望不斷自我提升的人,請不要錯過我們提供的工作機會.

      Sales and Applications Engineer

      for our vibration testing office in China.


      As an ideal candidate you can combine technicalknowledgewithsales skills and you can articulate technologyandproductpositioning to both business and technical users.
      Ideally, your qualifications should include:

      A background in mechanical or electrical engineering
      Experience in sales and other customer relations
      General understanding of vibration testing or ofNDT(non-destructivetesting) technology
      Experience with flux leakage equipment is desirable.
      Experience in the steel industry will be a plus
      Fluent knowledge of English  spoken and written


      The Sales & Applications Engineer is responsibleforalltechnical sales and service activities in China. Youwillbeinvolved in all aspects of the supply chain frominitialcustomersales contact, specification of systems, andapplicationandimplementation of systems, to the development ofcustomersupportstructures.

      Typically tasks will be:

      establishing new, and maintainingexisting,long-termrelationships with customers
      managing and interpreting customer requirements
      persuading customers that a product or service willbestsatisfytheir needs in terms of quality, price and delivery
      providing pre-sales technical assistance and product education;
      offering after-sales support services
      solving client problems
      supporting marketing activities by attending trade showsandothermarketing events.

      The job will involve extensive travel within China.
      Please refer to www.usartstudios.com for informationonour business.
      For questions contact Mr. Kim at +86 512 50333915, orsubmityourresume directly to kim@kmpdm.com.




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